Coupon generation software
Generate secure coupons for advertising campaigns, scratch cards, tickets and other services.
Import the codes into your database.
Integrate our software component within your own application.

Nerd alert: Our software uses advanced cryptographic techniques to make the coupon codes statistically secure.

Step 1: Customize

Codes Length
Secret Key

Step 2: Make Payment

Based on your coupon parameters you have customized on Step 1 your total price is USD

  • Once the payment is received we will send you an e-mail to notify you that we are processing your request and generating your custom coupons.
  • When all your coupon codes are generated you will receive a second e-mail with an unique URL to download your codes.
  • We will send you a zipped file with a coupon code per line. The file can be imported from applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server

Step 3: Download

Download and Import
  • Once you receive the e-mail with your unique link to the coupon codes click over the link and download it to your machine.
  • The file must be decompressed before been able to use it. The "" file contains a text file also known as CSV file. This files includes the index code in the first column and in the second column all the codes.
  • If you have Microsoft Excel installed, just click on the CSV file to open your codes.


Secure Coupon Codes is a spinoff of Nektra, a company which has been providing software components and integration services for the secure generation of codes for many years. We have provided solutions for top brands and agencies who want to reduce the risks of fraud in massive margeting campaigns. Get us involved in your campaign to significantly reduce costly risks.

This site offers two options: customers can generate security codes on-line or download our secure code generator component and integrate it to your own system. Our component runs on all major operating systems and can also be acquired in source code form.

Both solutions can be combined for increased speed: the codes can be generated online for immediate printing. The software component can be incorporated later.

On demand generation


  • Unpredictable codes which use cryptographic techniques, and not arbitrary algorithms
  • Export to CSV (comma separated values)
  • Codes can quickly be imported from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and MySQL.

Component solution


  • Does not require storage of generated codes
  • Verification information is included in the same code
  • Unpredictable codes which use cryptographic techniques, and not arbitrary algorithms
  • Runs on Microsoft Windows (Advanced Server, XP, Vista, Windows 7), Linux, and OS X. Please contact our support team if your platform is not listed here
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with many programming languages and technologies such as PHP, C#, C++, Python, Ruby, Java, ASP.NET, COM

On demand codes

The quickest and easiest way to use secure codes in your business is customizing your codes parameters to let us generate the codes for you. When the process is complete an e-mail is sent to you with a url to download the codes as comma separared values

Once downloaded, the codes can be easily imported on Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or any SQL/NoSQL server.

Generate your coupons now

Software component

Our software component allows you to generate and check secure codes on your own system.

Sample code in Python
from SecuredCodeEngine import SecureCodeEngine

scg = SecureCodeEngine()

# Set the secret key, format (alphanumeric of length 16) and license
scg.setkey("c6f81db0e9f8206c971c9e5826e3ba82", "16a", "3ffbb1a3a900f8047652a8bf78ea98fdfc745855a3853a63")

codes = []
# Generate ten codes
for i in range(10):

# Check and decode codes
for code in codes:
	print "is code valid?", scg.isvalid(code), " original index:", scg.decode(code)


We help companies to integrate their marketing IT platforms and applications with our secure coupon code generator. Please send us a brief summary of your requirements and we will contact you within one business day.

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On Demand

The price decreases significantly when more codes are generated. The minimum price that we charge is USD 20.

Below is the price list. Change the quantity field and the price will be automatically recalculated.

Range Price per code (USD)
1..1000 0.02
1001..9,000 0.005
9,001..90,000 0.00125
90,001..900,000 0.0003125
900,001..9,000,000 0.0000390625
9,000,001..90,000,000 0.0000048828
90,000,001..900,000,000 0.0000012207

Software Component

The software component works with your secret key and a license sent to you for code generation.

License Price (USD)
Per Unit Same as On Demand
Unlimited with different keys 2400
Unlimited + Source Code 4500

Source Code

The source code version includes a project to be built for a variety of platforms and compilers. It is the best choice if you are generating codes in an environment that requires high levels of auditing.


We'd love to hear from you. Please complete the form with your inquiry, we will contact you within one business day.